Jun 8, 2012


"A king has his reign and then he dies."

PROMETHEUS is a film wildly anticipated by science fiction lovers all over the world as the release has finally come for the next sci-fi epic from Ridley Scott director of the masterpiece, ALIEN. But does it live up to the legacy?

Mostly is a good word to describe that above assumption. The film follows a crew of 17 as they search for the answers of what lead to the evolution and conception of what we know as mankind. What created us? Who created us? The philosophical and hard as nails answers the film bestows upon the viewer are great, wondrous and inexplicably logical as the film runs through it’s 2 hours of run time.

PROMETHEUS the name itself was a huge inspiration as in Greek mythology the Titan PROMETHEUS was the one responsible for stealing the fire from the gods, giving mankind the ability to create their own civilization and pursue their own destinies. He also represents our thirst for the unknown, our curiousty to question and the personification of our consequences. 

Did I mention how amazing the special effects are in this film? All the equipment, technology and creature designs ooze with science fiction bravado as it perfectly captures what a futuristc star ship on an unknown planet would behave like. From the ominous hallways of the PROMETHEUS to the beautiful and haunting caves of the uncharted world below the film never releases you from it’s grasp as it steadily displays to you it’s world and all the cool gadgets and spooky creatures that inhabit it.

One of my favourite things about this film is it’s ability to openly discuss our birth as a race of people. The philosophies and questions the film raises about how we think and perceive what it means to be human or more is nothing short of mesmerizing. By the time I left the theatre I couldn’t help but discuss the revelations and possible outcomes of what just happened on screen. It’s just delightful that this film makes you think as much as it does.

When the film ends you’ll be left with a lot of questions, a questionable ending and a bit of typical run of the mill antics but it’s a film that answers a question I’ve had burning for years and opens the fiction to an expanded universe without solving and feeding you the answers like any good sci-fi should do.

Go watch PROMETHEUS, it’s not going to scare you to death like the original ALIEN will but it will offer a great interpretation of our existence, some wonderful set pieces and a tour de force of special effects.

It’s also not for the faint of heart. 

OVERALL SCORE: 9 out of 10

By Milan J