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"Oh yes."

GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY is seriously a movie that should’ve never have worked in a million years. It’s a story full of weird space monsters, talking animals & laser gun explosions so ridiculous I wouldn’t feel offended if you thought it was a little too much at first glance.

Notice how I said, "at first glance?" Because this movie is a gem. Oh yes.


Guardians stars Chris Pratt as Peter Quill/Starlord as he & his quirky murderous companions travel across the galaxy in the hopes of stopping an evil from annihilating an entire planet. That’s the gist of it. However the things Guardians does from a story line perspective not only shakes the formula up but offers more than a few memorable moments that’ll leave you entertained. 

The stars of the film all own their roles but its Bradley Cooper who voices the genetically enhanced super soldier raccoon named Rocket that steals the show. Every character is layered & comes from a background of tragedy that helps you sympathize with these weirdos instead of resenting them, which is tricky to do. 


Rocket has a chip on his shoulder but instead of coming off as ridiculous & annoying, he’s hilarious & brilliant when it comes to formulating plans that involve blowing stuff up. He’s also brilliantly sarcastic which elevates the entire film as he pokes fun at cliche ridden moments in the film like standing up when you agree with someone. You’ll see what I mean.

The rest of the cast is solid too. Zoe Saldana as Gamora, the super assassin trained by Thanos himself is fun in a tortured sexy brooding kinda way. Dave Bautista as Drax The Destroyer was a welcome surprise that has more funny moments than you would’ve thought possible. Then there’s Vin Diesel as the loveable Groot, a giant tree that is so badass it’s ridiculous.


Apart from the awesome heroes, the villains are a sight to behold as well. Lee Pace plays Ronan The Accuser & he’s also really really fun to watch too. He’s brooding, outlandish looking & off the wall crazy. The rest of the supporting cast from Karen Gillan as Nebula, Micheal Rooker as Yondu, John C. Reilly as Rhomann Dey & even Benicio Del Toro as The Collector! If this sounds like a big list of things that seem weird, that’s ‘cause it is. 

And it’s AWESOME.


Guardians is also the most “out there” ( get it ) movie Marvel has made so far. There’s so many delicious tidbits that are dropped throughout the film & little cameos that hint at bigger things to come it’s hard to not nerd out watching it. You’ll see interesting call backs to previous Marvel films if you look closely enough & see things so amazing that hint at things to come it’ll make your goddamn head wanna implode then explode then re-structure itself & explode again. A thousand times. Explode. Anyway.

You know what else really rocks in this flick? The soundtrack. Damn is it good, I mean most Hollywood films got sweeping scores that summon that emotion within you but the awesome 80’s-90’s tracks in this flick just brings a level to the film that had me singing along & tapping my feet all throughout the flick. 


Oh yeah, the action is also really freaking good too. But all that pales in comparison to the witty banter, Star Wars-like sets & chemistry this cast holds. Also it’s not a spoiler, but yeah Thanos is definitely in this movie. And dude….like…yes. Oh yes. Oh my god yes. Triple yes. It’s so good. Man this movie rocks.

In case you didn’t notice, I think you’ll enjoy this film ‘cause I sure as hell did. James Gunn was the perfect director for this kinda thing. He brings his dark humor from his previous flick SUPER & really cranks everything up.


Also if I had to choose a superhero I’m the most like, it’s gotta be Starlord. He’s a total flirt who’s also a funny guy & uses his words to get out of sticky situations. Sounds a lot like me, plus just the way he handles himself. I love it. Also his ship is called The Milano, my name is Milan. IT’S DESTINY. I mean, anyway, yeah you gotta watch this movie. 


GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY is the best fricken’ movie Marvel’s ever made. Somehow a flick about a flirtatious bounty hunter, space assassin, avatar of death, a talking tree & a augmented raccoon made me laugh so hard & smile so frequently that my face hurt like nuts by the end of it. 

If you love Star Wars or anything remotely related to having a good time which would require you to accept the fact that you are indeed watching the most outlandish superhero movie ever created, then yes this is for you. 

Guardians is seriously so badass, I’m so happy it exists. Also the end credits sequence is so obscure, I screamed. Watch this movie. 


  • The entire cast is amazing ( especially Starlord & Rocket )
  • The special effects, use of music & set designs were top notch
  • Hilarious, well written & pushes the PG-13 rating to the max 
  • Great easter eggs, great expansion of the Marvel Universe
  • The best movie Marvel’s ever made
  • Movie of the Year Contender



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